How to Add Editor Images

So you want to use one of our images in editor? Fortunately it’s a pretty simple process, once you know what you’re doing.


Setup: Editor images should be a 600×324 bitmap file. The editor images offered on this site should already be formatted correctly.

If adding an image for a V5 voicebank: Navigate to C:\Program Files\Common Files\VOCALOID5\Voicelib (Replace C with whatever drive you installed it to)
If adding an image for any other voicebank: Navigate to C:\Program Files\Common Files\VOCALOID6\Resource\Voice (Replace C with whatever drive you installed it to)

Turn on image thumbnail view if you don’t want to be searching for your voicebank for hours.

Place setup.bmp into the folder of the corresponding voicebank, either replacing the original Setup.bmp, or renaming it in the process.

Inside of V5 Voicebank Folder
Inside of V3/4/6 Voicebank Folder

If done correctly, you should now see the new editor image when selecting a voicebank in the part tab. (You can change voicebank names using regedit, but showing how might get this site taken down so I won’t)

Synthesizer V Studio

Setup: SynthV voicebanks have 2 images you can change. The profile image that shows up in the License & Updates tab that every voicebank has, and the background image that shows up in editor which most mascot voicebanks have by default. Your profile image should be a 256×256 png named “profile” and your background should be a png named “background”, the standard size for backgrounds is around 500×707, but a lot of official voicebanks break this rule

Find your install location: The default install location is C:\Users\[YOUR NAME]\Documents\Dreamtonics\Synthesizer V Studio\databases, with [YOUR NAME] being your username. If you do not see your voicebank there you can check the install location in the License & Updates tab’s status menu.

Once you’ve found the install location, it’s as simple as dragging the two images in. You will have to either rename or replace profile.png, and may have to do the same for background.png depending on the voicebank.

If done correctly you should see this when you open the editor:

This could be different post the 1.7.1 update, but at least in earlier version of the editor, updating a voicebank clears the contents of it’s folder, replacing the profile and background images, or in the case of Dreamtonics voicebanks, erasing the background image. I would highly recommend making a backup of the profile and background images before updating.

ACE Studio

Setup: ACE Studio icons should be a 400×400 png file.

Find your install location: The default location for voicebank images is C:\Users\[YOUR NAME]\ACE_Studio\user\image with [YOUR NAME] being your username. If you do not see the voicebank images there I cannot help you.
That folder is going to look something like this, and as you see, there are a LOT of repeat icons. From what I can gather, the image is going to be mapped to a new image EVERY SINGLE TIME the voicebank updates. To find the icon you need to replace simply sort by and find the TWO most recent singer images’ names.

From here you have two options. either paste your icon into this folder and rename it to match the old icon’s name, or open the old icon in an image editing software and paste your new one over it, saving afterwards to update it.
If you’re wondering why you need to update two images, the first one is the singer icon, the second one is used exclusively in the voice seeds submenu for some reason. If in the future there is only one image to update assume they noticed this redundancy.

If done correctly you will now see your icon in the ACE Studio desktop editor!



At least to my knowledge, Voicepeak’s images aren’t stored in a format where we can easily overwrite them unfortunately. I will update this section if I find something.