Lin Lai/Yun Quan

Lin Lai/Yun Quan

Name: Lin Lai/Yun Quan
Origin: Lin Lai (SynthV)/Yun Quan (SynthV)
Designer: ZVocalDunder

Design Information

The following information pertains to the ZVP design of Lin Lai/Yun Quan. It is not official, and is solely meant as a jumping off point.

Name: Yun Lai
Age: 15
Gender: Nonbinary
Height: 5’3″
Hair Color: Green/Pink
Eye Color: Green/Pink
Race: South-East Asian
Note: On account of me not being able to draw children, Lin Lai and Yun Quan have performed a fusion dance and become Yun Lai.
Note: NSFW usage of this design is forbidden


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